Car Wash

Car Wash
TitleCar Wash
Publication TypeAudiovisual (CD/DVD)
Year of Publication1976
AuthorShultz, Michael
PublisherUniversal Pictures
Place PublishedUniversal City, CA
Publication LanguageEnglish
ISBN or ASIN NumberB00008CMRM
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This day-in-the-life cult comedy focuses on a group of friends working at Sully Boyar's Car Wash in the Los Angeles ghetto. The team meets dozens of eccentric customers -- including a smooth-talking preacher (Richard Pryor), a wacky cab driver (George Carlin) and an ex-convict -- while cracking politically incorrect jokes to a constant soundtrack of disco and funk. Some of the workers find romance as the day moves along, but most are just happy to get through another shift.

Length: 97 min.