The Source

TitleThe Source
Publication TypeAudiovisual (vinyl)
Year of Publication1972
AuthorPleasure, King
PublisherFantasy Records
Place PublishedBerkeley
Publication Languageeng
Citation Key19934
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King Pleasure with Betty Carter, Blossom Dearie, The Dave Lambery Singers, Jon Hendricks, The Three Riffs, and Paul Chamers, Kenny Clarke, Teddy Edwards, Matthew Gee, Percy Heath, J.J. Johnson, Jimmy Jones, Harold Land, John Lewis, Earl Palmer, Lucky Thompson, Gerald Wiggins, and Kai Winding.

I'm in the Mood for Love (1952)

Exclamation Blues

Red Top

Jumpin with Symphony Sid

Sometimes I'm Happy

This is Always

Parker Mood

What Can I say After I Say I'm Sorry

Don't Get SCared

I'm Gone

You're Crying

Funk Junction

I'm in the Mood for Love (1960)

The New Symphony Sid

Don't Worry About Me

Little Boy, Don't Get Scared

Parker's Mood (1960)

Golden Days

Tomorrow is Another Day

No, Not Much

All of Me