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Vaughan, Sarah. I Love Brazil. Pablo Records, 1979.
Bunch, The Jimmy Cast, Gerry Thomas, Ellwood Henderson, Langdon Fridie, Paul Forney, Ray Brown, Nate Wingfield, Jimmy Castor, and The Original Chantels. The Jimmy Castor Bunch. Cotillion, 1979.
Nascimento, Milton. Journey to Dawn. A&M Records, 1979.
Benson, George. Livin Inside Your Love. Warner Bros. Records, 1979.
Stylistics, The. Love Spell., 1979.
Klugh, Bob James and. One on One. Columbia Records , 1979.
James, and Bob Earl Klugh. One on One. Tappan Zee Records, 1979.
Jackson, Walter. Send In the Clowns. 20th Century Fox Records, 1979.
Ashford & Simpson. Stay Free. Warner Bros. Records, 1979.
. Uncle Jam Wants You. Warner Bros. Records, 1979.
Mills, Stephanie. Whatcha Gonna Do. 20th Century Fox Records, 1979.
Carn, Jean. When I Find You Love. CBS Records, 1979.