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Bring the Noise

Title: Bring the Noise: A Guide to Rap Music and Hip-Hop Culture
Author: Nelson, Havelock
Co-authors: Michael A. Gonzales
Publisher: Harmony Books, New York
Copyright: 1991
ISSN/ISBN: 517583054

The definitive introduction to the history of rap and a guide to the best recordings available. Here you will learn about the importance of Public Enemy, the meaning of KRS-One's name, MC Hammer's place in the rap universe, the story of Salt-n-Pepa's discovery (as telephone operators at Sears!), the rise of gangsta rap, which of LL Cool J's records is absolutely essential to own, and much more. Written in a hip-hop gonzo style by two who grew up with da noize, this is the one essential insider's guide to the boldest new music to storm the gates of pop in decades.

Language: English
Pages: 298
Copies at the Archive: 2

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