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In Ya Grill: THe Faces of Hip-Hop

Title: In Ya Grill: THe Faces of Hip-Hop
Author: Benabib, Michael
Co-authors: Bill Adler
Publisher: Billboard Books, New York
Copyright: 2007
ISSN/ISBN: 2147483647
Image/Cover: 31t6wwgxvyl_aa_sl160_.jpg

Imagine hanging with the stars of hip-hop--in 1987, when hip-hop was on the verge of changing the world. Since those early days and right up to the present, photographer Michael Benabib has always been on the list, and his intimate pictures reveal how hip-hop started as a grassroots musical movement and evolved into the most influential image machine in the world. Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Luther Campbell, Trina, Public Enemy, LL Cool. J, Eric B and Rakim, EPMD, KRS-One, Salt 'N Pepa, Sean Combs, Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, Das EFX, Grandmaster Flash, and many others are here--performing, recording, relaxing and playing at clubs, parties, and on the streets. Captions by distinguished writer Bill Adler tell the story in words, exploring hip-hop's dynamic melding of fashion, consumerism, and excess. With its never-before-seen photos and insightful text, In Ya Grill depicts and defines the music that has changed the American cultural landscape forever. Michael Benabib shoots for The Source, the New York Times Magazine, and Newsweek, among many others, plus advertising clients including Heineken, Nissan, and Sprite. His album covers are seen on the Uptown, Def Jam, and Bad Boy labels. His hip-hop photographs were the subject of a retrospective at the Eyejammie Gallery in New York in 2005. He lives in New York. Bill Adler is the author of Tougher Than Leather: The Rise of Run-DMC and Rap: Portraits and Lyrics of a Generation of Black Rockers. He wrote and produced And You Don't Stop: 30 Years of Hip-Hop, a five-part documentary series that aired on VH1. He lives in New York City.

Pages: 144
Copies at the Archive: 1

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