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Pusha T is part of the team behind a new hiphop music discovery app called "Heir" that aims to help the hiphop industry engage more with fans. Terrence “Pusha T” Thorton as a longtime hiphop artist and current President of Kanye West’s GOOD Music/Def Jam/Universal represents “The Culture,” while top consumer tech entrepreneur Summer Watson is “The Business,” designer Matt Batt is “The Design,” and engineer Lynette Perkins is “The Tech.” Def Jam Records A&R executive Steven Victor and Epic Records A&R executive Joey Arbagey are also serving as advisers. 

Heir will provide a platform for hiphop fans to vote on different tracks and receive rewards for their predictions of what is "hot" or "dead on arrival." A digital currency called “Crown" powers the rewards system. Crown can be both won or lost depending on votes. As Crown accumulates, fans can choose to cash out or apply it to receive other perks such as early or exclusive access to an artist’s next tour stop or music release. Artists are also intended to benefit from the platform and have opportunities to generate Crown such as via a top-rated song. Heir also suggests emerging artists can use Crown to attract the attention of tastemakers or fellow artists, get feedback on tracks and even build relationships. The app’s motto is “When Everyone Eats, Everyone Wins.”

What do you think about Heir? How do you see it affecting the future of hiphop?

Check out the Heir website to learn more: https://www.heirapp.com/