Hiphop University is the premier research resource for students and scholars concerned with hiphop culture. It is a collaborative website designed for undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty and other researchers.

We define standards of hiphop scholarship as:

  1. citation of peer-reviewed manuscripts, journal articles or conference presentations
  2. use of operational definitions
  3. empirical evidence analyzed
  4. field-specific literature reviewed and critiqued
  5. “healthy” competition or “battles” to achieve greater understanding and knowledge of social problems and/or aesthetic inquiries and interventions

The staff researchers work with learning communities and academic institutions to incorporate hiphop's notion of meritocracy where skills and knowledge are supreme. Hiphop Scholarship also encourages youth to pursue knowledge and their dreams.

At this site:

  1. Build or engage online dialogue about hiphop culture, politics, art, values, histories, and more through chat rooms and research networks
  2. Respect or share your hiphop research and scholarship by uploading information about university courses, conferences, academic publications and college radio.
  3. Represent or introduce yourself to the world of hiphop scholarship by starting a personal Hiphop Archive user page (Coming soon).

Questions? Comments? Critique? Ask Hiphop Archive faculty and staff.

Want to volunteer, intern or participate further? Contact the Associate Director of the Hiphop University Project, Professor Dawn-Elissa Fischer also known as the DEF Prof.

At Harvard's Hiphop Archive and Research Institute:

Visit the Hiphop Archive and Research Institute and view current hiphop-related educational tools. Common and LL Cool J are two notable celebs whose children's books are on display. Search the Bibliography for more.