Honey: Free Preview Issue featuring Lauryn Hill
TitleHoney: Free Preview Issue featuring Lauryn Hill
Publication TypeMagazine
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsMayo, Kierna, and Joicelyn Dingle
PublisherHarris Publications, Inc.
Place PublishedNew York, NY
Publication LanguageEnglish
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Hey, honey.

Welcome! What you hold in your hands now is the beginning of something very special. Honey is the first magazine of its kind – a fearless entertainment, fashion and lifestyle magazine for young, urban women. Why now? Because it's time – Mary, Brandy, Vivica, Jennifer, Erykah, Mariah, Missy. More honeys? Lil' Kim, Jada, Tyra. (Can you get any more stylish?) The ever-increasing presence of young urban women in music, film, fashion and all of popular culture demands a fresh, focused magazine. One that places this twentysomething generation of trailblazers at center. One that is willing to go places others won't and to say things others don't This time when the music plays, it blasts from her jeep.

Honey is for the new school.

Pushing forward to 2000, Honey will be driven by the kinetic energy of urban music and fashion and will capture one of the most unique, trendsetting and fast-paced lifestyles of young female consumers today. And this surely transcends race – all women taking part in the creation of urban culture, are inspired by what's hot Through the force of phenomenal images and passionate writing we're going to deal with it all right here. Everything – fashion, film, music, sex, beauty, men, friendship, politics, love and then some (yes, all from her perspective).

Like our superstar, can't-be-stopped, cover girl Lauryn Hill (who's rocking a black knit dress by Ralph Lauren), Honey’s audience absolutely makes it happen; she's got money, personal style, smarts. And this preview is about that same energy, that same rhythm you get groovin' to Lauryn's amazing voice and incredible flow.

The five "buzz words" (get it?) describe the properties of honey, the substance – honey, the woman – and ultimately, Honey, the magazine. Brown, Sweet, Sticky, Thick and Pure are about a sole feeling – a distinctly urban, female, wonderful feeling.

You can experience this sensation by reading any of the powerful essays herein, contributed to us by some of the flyest and most celebrated young women writers around. You can sense it by checking out the sampling of some of our upcoming columns, i.e. Honeycomb (hair), Beautiful (beauty), the Sex Files (sex), HoneyMoon (astrology) and Dip (the party scene).

So flip through this preview and feel us, Really feel us. To quote an LL Cool J lyric, “Honey got flavor and it just don't stop.” Of course, the best part is that this is simply a taste.


Joicelyn Dingle, editorial director
Kierna Mayo, editor in chief