I Am Cuba

TitleI Am Cuba
Publication TypeAudiovisual (CD/DVD)
Year of Publication1964
AuthorsKalatozov, Mikhail, and Martin Scorsese F. Coppola
PublisherMilestone Film & Video
Place PublishedCharsworth, CA
Publication Languageeng
ISBN or ASIN Number1438159252
Copies at the Archive1
Filmed by great Russian director Mikhail Kalatozov (The Cranes Are Flying), I AM CUBA is an epic poem to Communist kitsch - a whirling, feverish dance through the sensous decadence of Batista's Havana and the grinding poverty and oppression of the Cuban people. In four main stories showing the rise of the revolution, Kalatozov's astonishingly acrobatic camera takes the viewer on a rapturous rollercoaster ride of bathing beauties, landless peasants and student revolutionaries. The first movie ever jointly presented by master directors Fracis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese, I AM CUBA will change your view of cinema forever!