Marvel: The Hip-Hop Covers Vol. 1

Marvel: The Hip-Hop Covers Vol. 1
TitleMarvel: The Hip-Hop Covers Vol. 1
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2016
AuthorComics, Marvel
Number of Pages152
Publication LanguageEnglish
ISBN or ASIN Number1302902334
Keywordsalbum art, Album Covers, comics, Fantasy, graphic novels, science fiction
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Watch creative worlds collide like never before in the ultimate fusion of hip-hop and the House of Ideas! With an introduction by award-winning author Ta-Nehisi Coates - a National Book Award winner, a recent MacArthur Genius Grant recipient and the writer of Marvel's BLACK PANTHER - this stunning volume showcases 70 comic-book covers inspired by some of the most iconic albums in music history. Experience page after page of incredible artwork featuring the heroes of the All-New, All-Diff erent Marvel Universe - from A-Force to the X-Men - by an unbelievable roster of talent including Adam Hughes, Brian Stelfreeze, Jim Cheung, Mike Del Mundo, Sanford Greene, Jenny Frison, Phil Noto, Mahmud Asrar, Damion Scott, Tim Bradstreet, Keron Grant, Ed Piskor and more! Their finished covers sit side-by-side with behind-the-scenes sketches, showing the process of rendering some of the most famous images in hip-hop, Marvel style. Straight outta comics - and onto your bookshelf!