Shaft's Big Score

TitleShaft's Big Score
Publication TypeAudiovisual (video)
Year of Publication1972
AuthorParks, Gordon
PublisherWarner Home Video
Publication Languageeng
The action never stops in this smooth and sexy tale that takes the stylish detective John Shaft (Richard Roundtree) into the seedy underworld of rival mobsters. While New York is never at loss for criminal activity, things seem to be heating up when an underworld crime figure kills his partner, only to discover that the money he was going to use to pay off his gambling bets is missing. He makes a deal with the mobster he owes to share his business, but then also makes the same deal with Stumpy (Moses Gunn), another crime boss. The bullets start to fly when the hoods find they've been played against each other, and Shaft decides to clean up the mess. In between fighting all the bad guys, Shaft makes time to romance the ladies, the perfect combination of style and substance. The evocative music by Gordon Parks underscores the power and finesse that make John Shaft a movie hero for all time.