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“On Your Own” is on Lalah Hathaway’s 2008 release “Self Protrait,”  written by Lalah Hathaway & Rahsaan Patterson and produced by Rex Rideout.

Lalah Hathaway is a Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter from Chicago who began her career in the early  1990’s and is the daughter of the late great Donny Hathaway.

Donny Hathaway was a soul singer and songwriter who served as a bring new voice in the world of soul music in the 1970’s. Some of his more famous songs include “The Ghetto,” “This Christmas,” and “Someday We’ll All Be Free.”

Rahsaan Patterson is a R&B/soul singer-songwriter and actor, and Rex Rideout is a soul keyboardist who has also worked with Roy Ayers and George Howard among other iconic musicians. Both musical artists collaborated with Lalah on many other records on “Self Portrait.”

“On Your Way” was sampled by Knxwledge and Taz Arnold on “Momma” by Kendrick Lamar.

Knxwledge is a beatmaker and hip-hop producer from Central New Jersey and Philadelphia. He is now well known in the LA beat scene for his pastiche of soul, jazz, and hip-hop that melds together uniquely.

Knxwledge said he made the connection to Kendrick through Eric Coleman, who happened to have a cassette of 2013 anthology he released. Coleman played Kendrick Knxwledge’s beats and Kendrick texted him that day.

In 2008, Barack Obama won the presidential election and became the first African-American President of the United States ever.

Knxwledge called Kendrick “the Obama of rap,” and described his music as “a version of church.”

On October 7th, 2008, the streaming service Spotify was first launched, who now has 191 million monthly listeners.


Self Portrait

Album Credits

Collin A. Stanback - A&R
Matt Taylor - Artwork
Anna Tes - Design
Matt Taylor - Design
Lalah Hathaway - Design
John Lathan - Producer
Collin A. Stanback - Executive Producer
Raymond A. Shields - Executive Producer
Eric Larson - Photography
Herb Powers - Mastering
Anthony "AJ" Jeffries - Mixing
Ray Bardani - Mixing
Brendan Dekora - Mixing
Brian Warwick - Mixing
Kennie Takahashi - Mixing
Shaun Evans - Mixing
Jonathan Mannion - Photography
Gary Askew - Photography
Mark Nakagawa - Photography
Kenneth Crouch - Producer
Lalah Hathaway - Producer
Manuel Hugas - Producer
Paula Gallitano - Producer
Rex Rideout - Producer
Wiboud Burkens - Producer
Jimi Randolph - Producer
Kenneth Crouch - Producer
Marc Green - Producer
Michael C. Ross - Producer
Ray Bardani - Producer
Rogier Voorvelt - Producer
Assen Stoyanov - Recorder
Clark Germain - Recorder